Here we go! Day 1 – Wrexham to Gloucester 

Well the day has arrived! After months in the planning Day 1 is here.

We are all heading to the office in Chester Street for the send off. The press are coming along for a photo shoot which should provide some interest and hopefully some additional fundraising. 

Paul has done a great job with the press and we have had plenty of coverage through his connections.

We are scheduled to leave at 8am and it will be nice to have family and friends there to see us off. 

Day 1 in theory is a relatively flat 106 mile warm up. The route takes us through Ellesmere Shrewsbury Ludlow Leominster Ledbury and then to Gloucester. We are staying at Gloucester Docks tonight.

Weather looks mixed at the end of the day with the morning being dry and warm. Side winds from the east shouldn’t prove a hindrance. As we head further south it. Looks like we will run into some storms which could see a wet end to the day.

We will keep you updated.



1 Day to go!

It was overhearing a colleague talking to friend this morning when I heard her say “this just got very real”. It wasn’t in relation to anything I was doing but it couldn’t have been any more relevant.

Having been in this position a few times, this is the day the doubts start. The fear of whether or not you can make it! We have done plenty of training but have we done enough? Can you ever do enough? Hmmm it really is hard to say.  I don’t know if there is much that can prepare you for what we are about to do.


I was reminded of a post I saw when preparing for LEJOG a few years ago and having read it again, I’m starting to feel a little more relaxed.

The butterflies started at around 5 am this morning whilst I sat and finished some emails and looked at my 1 Day To go To do list (try saying that quickly!) Today is full of preparation collating all those things I have purchased for the ride and hidden from Karen. We pick the van up later and there will plenty to do before bedtime.

It remains to be seen if I can overcome my fears but for me it is about remembering the purpose of the task.  It is definitely going to be hard, over 900 miles and nearly 50,000 feet of climb is way beyond anything that we have attempted in the past.  In the darkest moments (and there have been many), you need something to cling to to help you get through.

Raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research brings back a host of memories from my childhood. Many of you reading this will know that at the age of 13, my sister Sara lost her battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphona and Leukemia. At the time I didn’t really understand what this was, in fairness at 11 all I felt was the grief of loosing a sister.  If I am completely honest I always avoided anything that mentioned the words cancer or leukaemia for years, a simple defence mechanism, but one that was very effective.

Sara died in 1978 and I think it is far to say that had she been diagnosed today, there would have been a very good chance she would have survived. Medical research and development in treatment methods have come so far since the 70’s, thanks in no small part to the money that is raised by charitable giving.

So for me the motivation is simple, it is to raise money to help eradicate blood cancer.  I appreciate this is Utopian but we have come so far, the end may not be in sight yet but we are closer today than we were yesterday.

For Sara.


3 Days to go! 

With just 3 days to go the team met up to finalise the routes.  With much deliberation the final routes were agreed and will be posted in the next day or two.

RW Provided a fundraising update and confirmed we had just gone through the £8k mark. We are all very pleased 

Much debate over the weather forecast for Friday it would appear there is good and bad news! Good the wind should be at our backs the bad it’s going to be wet. 

Steve is taking no chances