I watched Strictly…………….

Well when I say I watched strictly, I watched some of strictly before Karen walked in and said “What on earth are you doing?” You see for some reason, Karen is a little fed up with dancing. I can’t think Why? 🤔

We’ve never watched strictly or any sudo celebrity programme it’s just not Karen’s thing. Anyway, I got two dances in and actually quite enjoyed it. I even started to critic the foxtrot performed with a dancer I had never heard of with a celebrity I had never heard of. Their movement was excellent, smooth and rhythmical, so different to what I had witnessed in the videos of Kirsty and I dancing. I should have been worried but I was actually mesmerised, this was good. I reluctantly changed the channel over to a travel/cooking programme and pondered what I had seen.

I met with Kirsty the next day, and after my usual tirade about dancing and the futility of my training, I confessed what I had seen. Kirsty was pleased, I think, she announced we would be performing the routine ‘in full and in hold’ 🤷🏼‍♂️

What followed was amazing. Once I had gotten over the initial uncomfortableness of being in hold, we began to dance and I danced! For the first time it felt like dancing, it made sense, it flowed, I enjoyed it! Ok it was still a little rough but in my head it was like the performance I had seen the night before. I was a dancer!

3 weeks to go to the event and with a couple of lessons left, we might actually pull this off!

This has been an experience that’s for sure.


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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day 🙂

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