I danced in the morning………

It’s a journey not a destination!

Having spent most of the last 10 years cycling or training for cycling events not cycling has been a little bit of a shock not least to my posterior!

Cycling has been replaced with a mixture of weight lifting, HIIT classes and spin sessions

The original intention was to improve my core strength to aid my dancing but what I wasn’t expecting was to have rediscovered my love of weight training.

My weekday mornings start early, very early and are now filled with cardio and my evenings with JKD or weightlifting. The team at Waterworld have been amazing they continue support and encourage at every opportunity. I’ve been going to gyms for the last 10 years but have never experienced such a dedicated team of instructors.

The unintended consequence of my new regime is the weight loss currently 21 lb in the last 6 weeks. Now let’s face it I had it to lose but I’m pleased with the progress not least because my strength has increased dramatically.

So a special mention to James Case PT, Becky Hedley, Michelle Jones, Simon Gow and the rest of the team at Waterworld Wrexham.

The dream team, Becky and James

So with just over a week to go until the big day things are moving at a pace!

Last week saw the final dancers meeting with the arrangements and final running order being announced. Kirsty and I go 9th out of the 10 teams which means at least another hour of waiting on the night!

We continue to ‘iron out’ the routine (I’m still doing the teacup 🤷‍♂️) but it actually looks like I can string a few steps together! Who would have thought it

Oh and I dropped Kirsty again bless her 😳

I watched Strictly…………….

Well when I say I watched strictly, I watched some of strictly before Karen walked in and said “What on earth are you doing?” You see for some reason, Karen is a little fed up with dancing. I can’t think Why? 🤔

We’ve never watched strictly or any sudo celebrity programme it’s just not Karen’s thing. Anyway, I got two dances in and actually quite enjoyed it. I even started to critic the foxtrot performed with a dancer I had never heard of with a celebrity I had never heard of. Their movement was excellent, smooth and rhythmical, so different to what I had witnessed in the videos of Kirsty and I dancing. I should have been worried but I was actually mesmerised, this was good. I reluctantly changed the channel over to a travel/cooking programme and pondered what I had seen.

I met with Kirsty the next day, and after my usual tirade about dancing and the futility of my training, I confessed what I had seen. Kirsty was pleased, I think, she announced we would be performing the routine ‘in full and in hold’ 🤷🏼‍♂️

What followed was amazing. Once I had gotten over the initial uncomfortableness of being in hold, we began to dance and I danced! For the first time it felt like dancing, it made sense, it flowed, I enjoyed it! Ok it was still a little rough but in my head it was like the performance I had seen the night before. I was a dancer!

3 weeks to go to the event and with a couple of lessons left, we might actually pull this off!

This has been an experience that’s for sure.


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