Day 13 – Hold on Toto Kansas is this way……..

Finally mother nature gave us a break! There had been thunder in the night but we awoke to a beautiful sunrise on the outskirts of Sevilla. I suspected thunder but it could have been the grown man sleeping in the children’s bunk above me.

Spirits were high as we left the hotel possibly because of the meal last night (2 main courses each and a magnum) or possible because this was our last full day of cycling.

We finally persuaded ‘G’ man to leave the Death Star (Team sky reference) and headed on our way.

We passed through the outskirts of Seville, beautiful avenues of lavender trees (confirmation required) All full of Parakeets making a most unusual chorus.

With a light tale wind we made our way into the stunning countryside outside Seville heading for the village of Lebrija it was something of a surprise when we realised we had been cruising effortlessly at over 20mph.

We’ve seen some beautiful scenery over the past 2 weeks and the views across the plaines rivalled any we have seen.

Coffee in town was a welcome break and we sat in the shade enjoying the sights and sounds.

Leaving Lebrija we headed into Sherry county and the town of Jerez. It’s hard to describe but this felt like real Spain with cobbled streets and Sherry barrels on every corner.

The town was a real treat and many made plans to return in the future.

We left Jerez and headed for a late


The post lunch ride should have been a gentle 20 mile ride towards Medina but when the town was spotted high on the hill above us the van was ignored and the Hill climb began.

Richard and Barry in a break away led the charge for the Hill top finish with Barry easily the victor.

And so the last long ride of the challenge came to an end with a beer in the local hostel.

Tomorrow we head to Gibraltar and a meeting with the mayor. Showers for everyone tonight!

Till tomorrow

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