Day 11 – Plaines, chains and height gains.

Malgon to Montorro

Picture the scene a hacienda in the middle of nowhere , 9 cowboys!!!!! 8 of which have bikes all parked up in the court yard learning their “Stallions” against the drinking trough. No Chaps in sight but a shed load of Lycra. The day started with an unusual twist, as breakfast wasn’t available we bought some rations last night and just after midnight Neil gets up to prep brekkie . Huge success thank you.

We left Malagon and rode at a blistering pace. Today was hopefully about good roads, high mileage , and…………. massive hills/ mountain ranges

The pace was relentless with a cross wind that was more head on. We made lunch time at 2:30 having covered 70 miles ( wow what a great achievement , to get that Mileage under our belts by lunch was great)

After lunch we thought we only had 40 miles and one more hill but hill one turned into 4😩 .

We wrapped up the day well and completed 110 miles with our causality list amounting to a broken chain and a broken spoke.

The guys have done a Stirling job, all in aid of four great causes. The end is getting closer. Keep on rolling.

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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day 🙂

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