Day 10 – the Rain in Spain…..

So we start the day by saying farewell to one of our navigators known as Mr White, Barry Williams senior returns to the Uk after successfully getting us down to Madrid, the team would like to say Diolch yn Fawr Mr White for your services

A true gentleman and part of the team.

We head south out of Madrid via the bus due to very bad weather again, circumnavigating the storms, eventually getting the bikes out and cracking on with the ride.

Approximately 20 miles in we meet the bus, only to find two police officers in attendance, transpires the bus has collided with an unmarked police vehicle !!!! So after the formalities of reporting it, a gesture token of one of our

pendants was handed over and we head off.

Driver change over to ease fatigue was the order of the day and the team cracked on, very quickly the weather brightens up and the bus stops short to allow the team to apply suncream, Ten miles on and it’s time for lunch in a local bar/cafe, we are told it’s Monday so places are closed but we manage lunch then the weather closed in again, with fatigue setting in, team decision to call it a day and head to the accommodation was decided.

Upon arrival it’s clear Monday is not a good day, restaurant closed, also appears Tuesday is also not a good day as restaurant is closed for breakfast!!!! The pool is closed as it’s too cold !!!! We are sweating profusely, we just don’t understand the rules.

Tomorrow we ride again with better weather forecast. Standby for the alternative day that is not planned. Life is good.

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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day 🙂

One thought on “Day 10 – the Rain in Spain…..”

  1. Well done fellas, keep it going, we don’t go to Spain for weather worse than the UK or where I am right now. Mind you are on the plain in Madrid.



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