Day 9 – eat, sleep……….

And so it begins again – eat, sleep, cycle repeat…a 7 am start, empty the van, a little breakfast and at 8am we start with a 110 mile day planned ahead….and what a day…the weather was hot as was the pace……

We leave Ariza and head South towards Madrid. Today we started on the main β€œA” roads only to be escorted off by the local Malicia (traffic police)….as it was deemed inappropriate to cycle on – apparently some dual carriageways are not meant for bikes….so onto the side roads it was. These led into a beautiful valley with vultures perched on the cliff top watching – probably thinking early lunch, looking at us thinking which one will drop 1st…

From the previous day we had noted that some side roads were better than others and today was no different – very bumpy or not rideable in part would a polite way of describing them. Such roads can tend to cause a little damage to the bikes and needless to say that the riders experienced 2 punctures and a broken spoke all within 200 yards…followed by the loss of a tyre at the next stop. Onwards further South and making great use of google maps superb location sharing we managed to meet at most agreed waypoints…with no real hiccups.

Riding South the roads just got better with rolling hills, huge climbs and superb fast descents which the team seemed to enjoy for some strange reason 😁..


Tomorrow we continue heading South on our journey to Gibraltar. As we get near to the end of our challenge we are all thinking of the amount of money raised through sponsorship by all the very generous donations made by family, friends and various businesses – so many thanks to everyone…

We also acknowledge the support received from our families and friends in our preparation and training and the things which they give up to help us do these things – so again thank you to one and all…

Catch you tomorrow….

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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day πŸ™‚

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