Day 6

Up at 5:45 ready for breakfast and the day ahead .

We leave Bordeaux and head down the western coast towards Mimizan a beautiful seaside resort for a well earned rest, 60 miles in and its only 12:20, after lunch we head for Bayonne through the coastal pine forests the scenery is spectacular .

Our 1st major mishap of the day, Richard snaps his gear cable only giving him 2 gears.

Luckily only a short distance gets us to Vieux Boucau and our resident bike superstar Chris fixes the cable in situ.

We manage the final 8 miles to get another 100 plus day in

Tomorrow has us heading into Spain and the Pyrenees !!

Our day will have climbs steeper than the Horse Shoe Pass and 3x longer.

The boys have dug in and found new levels of strength and determination. We know our efforts are appreciated , however we also appreciate all your support both emotionally and financially .

Please share our plight with all your friends so they can hopefully donate to these great causes.

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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day 🙂

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