Day 5

They day started like all others apart from everyone being on time. Quick daily brief and we are off, heading south out of La Rochelle , beautiful city but alas we leave it behind.

Flat route out and a ferry to catch so time critical. The weather is fine with no wind, we are so lucky and spirits are high. First stop is quickly done and we weave our way around the towns and villages, it is stunning. In the distance a very high bridge can be seen , similar to Dartford bridge , we look πŸ‘€ for an alternative route but Barry is head down and up we go, it did have a cycle track on it to be fair, amazing views and we are down.

We reach Royan in no time due to a good pace set at the front. We enter Royan again stunning but market day so lots of people about. We approach a zebra crossing with a pedestrian just stepping out when Richard shouts HALT every jumps and everyone stops the laughing then erupted causing Richard to lose his breath.

On the ferry and off in very short time, we are treated to the longest cycle path anyone has been on, it transpires we may have been better with mountain bikes as we head through a forest. The sand caught some out and support in the form of laughter erupts again as Lee lies in the sand.

We arrive at CarCan plage to end our day . Wow simply stunning.

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