Day 2 – Gloucester to Portsmouth

Day two started with pretty much everyone being awoken by the unusual refrain of seagulls and with the promise of a six thirty breakfast (thank you Travelodge) such that we could get on our way with the view of catching our ferry that evening. Despite our disbelief, we weren’t confident they would hold back the entire ship waiting for us to finish cycling.

At six thirty we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed in the restaurant and preparing for the second day out. Now the UK weather could not really have been too much kinder to us and even rolling away a few minutes after our planned start due to a slight tyre issue the sun was shining and the warmth was just beginning to pick up which made for a pleasant start to the day. Indeed the group managed to stay together for a long time and we headed towards the slightly more rolling terrain that would become the afternoon.

For a few of us today was a real sense of deja vu as we retraced our steps from day two of the Monte Carlo trip and as such every few miles we would have a flash back to where we had gotten lost, skirted with lampposts or cursed the route for taking us a particular hill. For those who weren’t there last time the next time they ride along this order they can do pretty much all of the above although there was no lampost related issue this year.

The funny thing about going off course on these trips is the inevitable hill that follows. Much like Newton’s law of “what goes up must come down” except “what takes a Wrong turn must go up”. This law being immutable meant exactly the same happened today on our few brushes with an alternative route but that is just par for the course.

Fortunately our stops and meets with Barry and Bob in the van worked like clockwork and we all had a lovely lunch at a small country pub. When we asked what sanwhiches were on the menu we did get a quizzical look as “it is Sunday”. I can honestly say I had no idea.

After another little diversion and having eventually found Romsey golf course (two people fixing a puncture watched the team depart, come back “it isn’t up there!” And go back In the original direction “Google Maps!”) we managed to pack everyone and thing into the bus and head off for the ferry and some much needed refreshment in every sense of the word.

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