One week to go!

Gosh that came quickly. From the very long winter training, we have only seen a  few training sessions that have been warm, the warm weather is welcome and hopefully it will not be to warm. Biggest questions asked. Are you ready ?

Hmmmm  I think so, comes the reply. I have NEVER done anything like this before so my expectations of reality are a guestimate. I think we have achieved what we have set out to achieve in terms of a few bike rides at 100 miles or over, so from a psychological perspective that was a great thing to do.

We have certainly climbed a few hills over the last few months. Wrexham is  utopia for a cyclist. Go west and you have the hills/Mountains of Everest!!!!, Pen Y Cae, Panarama, Horse Shoe Pass, World’s End, The Shelf. Boy O Boy there’s some serious steep stuff out there.

Then go North, South or East to the flatter plains of Cheshire and Shropshire, where we tended to build up the mileage and the obvious combination of both Hills and flat, so the terrain is also replicated.

From the session we did on Sunday I have also noticed the speed increase from our Motely Crew, I think they need checking for EPO ( Only joking)  as the groups performance has certainly improved.

The biggest thing for me on the bike ride will be to pace ourselves combined with hydration, nutrition and recovery. I know how stiff I have felt after the 100 mile bike rides and the thought of jumping on the bike the next day never mind for the next 14 days and doing another 100 miles is quite frankly scary. Even the Tour boys get a day off every 7 days!!!

So with the final countdown, we (Royal We, I think Mike takes centre stage as he has the most tools) are now prepping the mini bus, packing our minimal kit, and ensuring the bikes are good to go. Contemplation of shaving our legs (Jury’s still out on that one) and most worrying the fact that Richard “Commander” when asking him about the important aspects of our insurance said “ get repatriation” included. Yikes!!!!

We are on training taper this week, an hr today, two hrs Wednesday and maybe a quick 10 miles on Friday. Will Friday night be like Christmas!!! Excited !! What we will be aware of is the WHY, our aim is to raise much needed funds for our four chosen charities, that’s our driver and that’s why we have put blood sweat and tears into this.

Please have a look at our Wrexham to Gibraltar Virgin money giving page. Thank you for your support.


Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride

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