This time it’s personal

Do you spend your time focusing on things that are urgent?  Things that have to be done now? How many of those things do you classify as important?

Stephen Covey’s book “Seven habits of highly effective people” asks the same question and prompts that actually we spend a lot of time focussing on things that are urgent but not really important. Frequently this at the cost of things that are important but not urgent.

I am very lucky to have a group of friends and family who remind me that I need to focus on what is truly important as well.


When we did Lands End to John o’Groats a few years ago a key part of my wife’s rationale for recommending I do it was to escape the stress of work.  Ten days away from my laptop.  I am

not sure anyone thought it was possible.  

This was aided by my phone being drowned in my jacket pocket in the Lake District on the fifth day!   Little did my wife know how I would become hooked on cycling instead, times, weight, FTPs, a couple of bikes, a few holidays…  but I digress.

Cycle to Paris

Last time when this team went to Monaco I “could not make the time” and diverted to Paris instead.  Still part of the group to assist in the first few days but leaving the team halfway through was painful. The team carried on all the way to Monte Carlo and achieved its goal.

Rock and roll

This time, I had to to make the time to make the trip to Gibraltar’s Rock and support these charities.  There are people who read this who will know why in particular charities and hospices like these are even more important to me now.

I won’t go into specifics to respect the privacy of those involved but I have lost family and friends to cancer and have family and friends still battling against it. But, (and this is a big BUT (I cannot lie))I also know those who have been through the treatment and been given the all clear.

Sadly my story above is not isolated. I suspect if you take a few minutes it would not take too long for you to think of examples.

Events like this to raise funds are not just important for these charities they are critical to enable them to do the work that they do. If you are able to donate just a small amount towards their amazing work it would be extremely gratefully appreciated.

Barry J

Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride

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