Life is for living……or ‘stuff’ or ‘hurt’?

Well, what can I say…….having had lots of discussions with people over the past couple of weeks about this little bike ride we have signed up to do….many people have asked – why, how do you find the time, are you mad…..well yes I think that you have to be a little mad to even contemplate things like this…but again, it is the thought of all of the good that can come out of it.  As for time, I have to say make the most of what you have and if you can do some good along the way, then bonus…..

Anyway, wow – what a bank holiday weekend that was…..along with all of the usual things that you do over a bank holiday, family, friends, a few drinks….I also managed to get out and ride on all 3 days…..Saturday to Monday…….  I was tempted to just kick back, enjoy some nice weather, drink a few beers and generally chill out…..but no, sod it…life is for living and for doing “Stuff”….so stuff is what I did…

Saturday – unable to get out with my usual group due to other commitments, yes, children soak up your time so for me – Athletics with my lad was the order of the day.

I decided to get up really early and venture up the hills with my nephew who is lighter (much lighter) and somewhat fitter (much fitter)…..up the Panorama – ooo this hurts, up over Worlds end to Minera (ooooo this hurts) and then back downhill all the way baby (yay)… home….a nice little uneventful yet hurtful few miles

Sunday – Well, when I say that I rode my bike on all 3 days, I may have been a little mis-leading…..on days like today, it’s time to unleash the beast from out of the garage and ride one with a motor….so, a beautiful day loomed ahead and riding the motorbike with some other 30+ riders for a 100 mile ride-out was such a welcome change…..It was like sitting in an armchair….in the sunshine.  Wind in your face, the air thick with the smell of the flowers surrounding you as you ride through the countryside was just amazing.  It’s moments like this that you contemplate life and realise how lucky we are to not have the real issues that people go through on a daily basis. It also made me realise that I had better change the seat on my pushbike if I am to get down to Gibraltar in one piece….

Monday – Todays ride was fuelled by Brewdog and Kronenberg…..having said we still pushed a nice little 62 miler – again with my nephew Mikey up the hills and far-away….omg….weather was truly beautiful, so sun out – guns out….riding in a short sleeve shirt probably for only the 2nd time this year was amazing.  After a fairly undulating 51 miles we then decided hit the hills.  For those of you that know it…Llay Hill followed by a climb up Hope mountain…now that was a killer and having got up in one piece, when I got off the bike I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking….

The common theme for the weekend was “hurt”….the hills were brutal at times….but the training with some good friends really drove me to just get on with it or was it if I got off, they would bombard me with abusive message 😊.  Riding in the heat was simply gorgeous, however it made me realise a couple of things:

1. Drink lots of fluids….and use energy kicking supplements….(well electrolytes)

2. Use Sun-cream – lots of it….plenty on especially the face and neck – mustn’t forget these areas,

3. Eat regularly – need this to fuel your body, and

4. Don’t drink heavily the night before a ride – well not to excess…😊

I guess that you are wondering why I am telling you all of this – telling you what a great weekend it was – sometime full of pain and hurt, yes, but coupled with good times with good friends.  The point is that you can go through life making lots of excuses for not doing stuff……putting off until tomorrow what you can do today….Don’t procrastinate, don’t spend all of your time talking about doing something – just get out and do it, make it happen, enjoy the now, the moment…and if you can, do some good along the way for some well deserving charities then all the better for it.

We have now reached over 50% of our target but there is a long way to go.  It is with donations from yourselves that we can all continue to do good – whilst having some fun along the way…

Thanks for reading…


Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride

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Strictly Dancer

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