Pains, Trains and cycle lanes!

With 4 weeks to go training sessions were coming thick and fast. The psychological need to get the first hundred under our belt had been on our agenda for sometime. Saturday was the first opportunity for a small group to get out to achieve this milestone.

Five eager souls appeared at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning to head out to Ruabon Oswestry and then to Shewsbury, on to Shawbury, Audlem and then home having visited Cheshire briefly.

A beautiful still morning, ideal for cycling, we set off quickly leaving Wrexham and passing through Ruabon before stopping briefly in Oswestry to admire the Iron Age Hill fort.

Paul had been around for the opening but we suspected this was for the visitor area not the fort itself.

Shrewsbury quickly appeared and we were stunned by the beauty of the old quarry and the river path. Children played, old couples walked along the river and we passed a Tai Chi class in full flow.

The route took us out along the river and before long we were on the outskirts of Shrewsbury passing the retail Park and heading for the Shawbury road.

Now life can be a cruel mistress and on Saturday she dealt me a glancing blow.

Whilst negotiating the perilous cycle lanes outside the retail park I was distracted by the interesting sheep display at the entrance to Tesco, unfortunately, my appreciation of the ruminant mamals caused me to miss the signpost which had been placed in the middle of the cycle path!

Several minutes in the recovery position on the path allowed me to regain my senses and realign my knee cap. The pain relatively short-lived subsided and I was left with a large swelling to the knee. My ride was over.

We regrouped at McDonalds and after a coffee and some ice it was decided I would limp home on the train and the guys would carry on.

Now the rest of their ride was equally eventful and I’m told the 2nd half of the story will follow shortly.

What I can tell you is that due to a navigational issue with Mikes North Korean sat nav they completed ‘a Nelson’ (111 miles) and thus the 100 mile psychological barrier.

I on the other hand caught the train home bike in hand surrounded by dozens of ladies on a hen party heading for the races.

They were very kind and loved the fact I was dressed in pink. I declined their offer of an afternoon as their mascot at the races and headed home.

I am grateful to my cycling buddies who checked on my wellbeing before mercilessly ridiculing me and to the several members of the public who offered their assistance as I lay on the ground.

Faith in humanity restored!

The reluctant cyclist.

Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride

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