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For those that are not aware 8 ordinary guys are looking to cycle from Wrexham to Gibraltar on the 19 May over 13 days with an average of 107 miles a day!! No rest days.

Here’s my cheeky suggestion before you kindly sponsor one of four great charities try this. They say to get perspective walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Go and bike for ten miles see how you feel and then contemplate doing that x 11 in a day then x 12 more days. This will be one of the toughest tests we have ever done.

Good Friday, It’s a bank holiday so time to enjoy a lie in!!! Alarm goes off at 6am time to put on the lycra cycling gear, gotta love the lycra that time in the morning!!

Three egg omelette two pieces of brown toast pint of water later I’m ready to leave, I get the bike out put the lights on and head for Wrexham to meet the motley crew. Its cold a slight head wind and my eyes are watering, after about a mile I get a bit of leg burn, the remanence from the previous bike ride, your motivation is pretty low at this stage but mile by mile land mark by land mark minute by minute you press on 1 hr 20 mins later I’ve made it to Wrexham, that’s my solo bit over.

Six meet at the rendezvous point and 15 mins later the motley crew tops out at 11 cyclists.

We cycle from Wrexham to Chester then onto Peckforton , Bunbury, Nantwich to Audlem where we stop for coffee and a bite to eat, I can safely say that I have not laughed so much in that hour than I have for years, when you put 11 men together the banter is relentless usually at someone else’s expense!!

I have learnt this over the years, that when life gets tough you need your friends it helps put where you are in perspective and the task ahead no matter how tough just seems a little easier.

That day we covered between 82-100 miles, yes certain parts were painful, joints hurt, your bottom is sore, your legs burn but powered by banter we all came through it.

For us to achieve this major feat, we will have highs and lows , however that banter will be our kryptonite and see us through.

Our effort for these charities, Hope House, leonard Cheshire, Marie Curie and Crohns disease are not achieved in 13 days but the 1000’s of hours collective training we have done and continue to do in our training to hopefully be in a position to succeed.

We sacrifice time and our family and partners are kind, patient and tolerant in sharing this journey we have so much to thank them for,

Every pound of donation goes straight to these charities we pay for the trip ourselves. Please have a look at our site.


Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride


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