How lucky am I

As a middle aged man my Hobbies included talking about how fit I used to be!! Which is then followed by a shed load of excuses or reasons why  I’m unable to do the sports I used to do. Three fused disc’s, impinged nerves, no feeling in my leg, heart op, what a night out that was!! I can spin a great yarn (or yawn) about excuses.

So here’s the rub. I’m over weight ( or disproportionate to my height I should be 7ft 3in J) and unfit, I know I am, but still don’t have the motivation to change my ways. Then my saviour arrives!!! The one and only Mr Richard Williams  through misty rose coloured glasses he can recognise talent when he see’s it, either that or the six pints he’d had? He asks me whether I’d fancy doing a bit of a bike ride. BIT of a bike ride!! I’d hate to see a long one!

Now my 20 year old mind went  oh yeah I’ll have some of that but my 50yr old body wasn’t up for the job, that year I’d bought a new bike called a Giant Road E +1 which has a battery pack it gave me the freedom to compensate for all my ailments and get out there BUT as with all new toys wasn’t getting it’s full use.

All my mates absolutely ripped me for “My Moped” even with my failed attempts to legitimise it’s use, you had to cycle for the power to work, and it’s really heavy compared to a normal bike cut no ice with my micky taking mates. I asked Richard if he or the lads would mind me using this bike, and with no hesitation he said no problems of course you can. I can remember a twinge of emotion and being massively grateful , these boys of whom I didn’t know were happy to accept me for who I was “Moped” and all. Why! Med it’s not a race we are about completing a challenge having fun and raising money for good causes .

Now this was about May 2017. I have been blessed to meet a bunch of ordinary guys with an extraordinary outlook and commitment to achieve great cycling feats over the years they have cycled around Wales, LEJO and Wrexham to Monaco.

I know we are going to provide much needed money for great causes and there is an enormous amount of work we have to do to be ready for this epic journey. But the real gain for me is a selfish one. Through the warmth of the group I have been given a greater purpose, one I can share with a great bunch of lads, I’m fitter, healthier and have a greater self worth.

How lucky am I.

Thank you for the invite.


We are raising funds for Leonard Cheshire disability, Marie Curie, Hope house children’s Hospice and Crohn’s and colitis.

All donations will be gratefully received.

Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride

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Strictly Dancer

Husband, Father, Wealth Manager and former Rugby Coach and referee. Counting blessings every day 🙂

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