“If it was easy everyone would do it”

Hope House Children’s Hospice

I was recently asked why we would put ourselves through such a tough time in the challenges we organise.

This question is not uncommon but my answer is always the same. If we can raise money or awareness that in turn makes someone else’s life a little easier then that is job well done.

We have become defined by the challenges that we arrange, consequently people expect that we will do something more demanding each time. Actually, we love the fact it gets harder because “if it was easy everyone would do it”.

But seriously, there are certain charities for whom we would walk bare foot over hot coals. We have a special affinity with children’s charities. Lee and I completed our first challenge in 2008 in aid of Hope House and since then we have competed several challenges for Sparks, the children’s Medical Research Charity.

The affinity with children’s charities stems back to my childhood and the loss of my sister in 1978. Sara was diagnosed with Leukaemia and sadly passed away after a brave battle with the illness.

I remember to this day how the support of friends and family helped us all get through such a difficult time. I’m not sure how we would have coped without the network of support around us.

After Sara’s passing Mum and Dad worked tirelessly raising money for a variety of cancer charities and latterly they become involved with Hope House.

I had always avoided anything to do with children’s charities especially where cancer was involved, but the first time I watched a video of the work Hope House were doing I was moved beyond words. It wasn’t just the work they did with the children but the support and counselling they provide to families.

When I think what a difference that support would have made to my family, I became determined to raise awareness of their work and to raise funds to enable them to support many more families.

There are dark moments on any challenge; times when you struggle and occasionally feel like throwing in the towel. For me I think of the difference we can make, how every pound we raise can improve the lives of those around us.

Cycling 1400 miles in 13 days is a huge undertaking but we are fortunate to be supported by friends and family. For me, the fact my father is with me on the challenge makes the whole experience even more meaningful and together we can make a difference.

The following video highlights some of the work Hope House Children’s Hospice do.


The reluctant cyclist

We are raising funds for Leonard Cheshire disability, Marie Curie, Hope house children’s Hospice and Crohn’s and colitis.

All donations will be gratefully received.
Wrexham to Gibraltar Charity Cycle Ride link


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